Complete logistics centre

Since we are specialized, you benefit from in-depth expertise in frozen product logistics. We provide competitive prices for your logistics activities, a reliable system, better control of your information and high levels of service. Moreover, you can rest assured that the cold chain will be respected for your products from production in your facilities to the market.

You benefit from secure storage for a given period in the single temperature warehouse. The warehouse is designed to maintain the temperature at -28°C, which is ideal for storing frozen products.

Our equipment is specially manufactured for the frozen product industry. Transportation is thus carried out at a single temperature to ensure optimal product conservation. You also benefit from the reliability of our system.

We distribute your frozen products with our own specialized truck fleet at a single optimal temperature. Our employees are trained to respect the specific characteristics of different products to ensure that the cold chain is respected throughout operations. We are able to cover 90% of the entire territory ofl Quebec with our own truck fleet, which ensures better control, greater reliability and faster delivery times.