Located in a suburb of Montreal, our warehouse covers an area of 15,000 ft2 that is completely dedicated to storing frozen products with a unique and controlled temperature. Our specialized pallet system can safely store more than 1,600 pallets. Located near Highway 540, the warehouse can easily be accessed via Highways 20, 30 and 40. This location is ideal in that it is close to the Greater Montreal area and the Ontario border. Many temperature-controlled loading docks are available for handling goods, and administrative offices are located on site to ensure perfect management of operations.


Our mission specifically mentions our desire to become a leader in the frozen products logistics market in Quebec. Therefore, we use equipment specifically designed for the frozen product market. Our truck fleet is therefore fully ‘‘Ice Cream Spec’’ certified, the highest standard in the industry, with its trailers having maximum insulation and the use of the most powerful refrigeration units on the market.